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what tenders?

We advertise tenders spanning all operating systems and platforms ranging from smart phones to TV's and gaming devices.

apply for a tender

Use the search tool or browse through the whole list of tenders to find a project that best suits you. Once you've found something that matches your skill set, exchange your tokens to view the whole tender in depth before applying.

how to publish

Publishing a tender on appcity couldn't be simpler and is absolutely free. Your tender will be advertised direct to a range of app specialists, enabling you to find the best developer for the job.

why use appcity?

Bidding sites don't provide the necessary framework for organisations looking to develop high value apps, and tender sites in addition to being expensive, are often guilty of posting irrelevant projects poorly matched to individual requirements. Appcity is the worlds first online tender portal dedicated exclusively to apps. There are no subscription fees or contracts, simply apply only for the tenders that sound like a good fit for your capabilities.

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